Kayu's Perfect Clutches

Have any of you guys heard of the brand Kayu?  Heath and I keep spying images of her gorgeous clutches on Istagram and we're hooked!  Truthfully, I really don't wear clutches all that often. I wear them sometimes if I'm going out to dinner, going out for the evening, or attending a wedding. Since I don't wear a clutch with much frequency, I need it to be classic and never really go out of style for me to fall in love with one. I also want it to be unique and different, otherwise, it's not worth spending the money.  All of Kayu's designs have really interesting materials and rich colors, but the best thing is I don't think they will ever really date themselves.  I can see both me and my grandmother liking these, which means that they really are pretty timeless!

Which would you pick?!  They also have a few super cute totes on sale, and a handful of sunglasses too.

~Mary Keller

All images via Kayu Design


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