Tapletop Details

A few weeks ago, when Andy and I hosted Steak Club, I realized while setting my table that I didn’t have coasters. In my old apartment I used a hand me down table that we painted black so I never worried about water rings but now that we have a true dining room Andy and I are using my great grandmother’s dining room table which I don’t care to put water rings on. I’m hoping this table will last us forever! Post Steak club I quickly learned how to remove water rings (mayonnaise and toothpaste!) but it’s a trick I’m hoping I can forget. I’ve been on the hunt for cute coasters that are fun but actually useful ever since.

I’m not picky but our living room coasters are definitely more casual so I’d love something a little more suited for entertaining to use in the dining room. Also our table is wood and definitely more grown up so I’m thinking they I may need something with color or a little spunk to keep the vibe from getting too stuffy!

Here are a few options I’ve found.
Clockwise from top left - Anthropologie, High Street Market, William Sonoma, C. Wonder, C. Wonder and High Street Market
What do you guys think? Any you recommended

- Heath


  1. Love the top right! What do they call that...agate?

  2. Love the top right too!! And the gold and white paper ones :)