Fall Beer Tasting

Last week a few of us got together to taste some Fall beers. We took notes so we could all determine our favorite. I decided Fall may be one of my favorite seasons for beer, there's so much flavor in a good fall beer and there's just nothing that compares to the taste of a good beer on a crisp fall day. We went to Good Bottle Co., which I highly recommend if you're local,  to get their expertise on some of the best fall options and were really pleased with the choices.

Here's a breakdown of what we tried and a few of our thoughts.

Southern Tier Harvest - hoppy, spicey brown ale
Abita Pecan Harvet Ale - nutty (hence the name!) but smooth and mellow
Anchor Big Leaf Maple - a mix beteween red and brown ale
Anderson Valley Fall Hornin' - full of fall spices, almost pie like with cinnamon and nutmeg (syrupy)
Atwater Vanilla Java Porter - chocolate and vanilla with too much imitation flavor (more wintery)
Omme Gang Scythe and Sickle Harvest Ale - perfect fall beer, full of spice and flavor 
Victory Golden Monkey - spicier wheat beer 
Hofbrau Oktoberfest - traditional smooth Octoberfest
Downtown Brown - dark, typical caramel brown flavor
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale - good solid pumpkin flavor, not too strong or syrupy
Blue Point Toasted Lager - standard toasted lager but a bit heavier

We've also heard Sierra Nevada Flipside is good so I may pick that up next time as well as a Noda Brewery Pumpkin Ale if you're local.

So what are your favorite Fall beers? We'd love to try them!

- Heath


  1. Love this post! These pictures are great, and I like the glimpses of *someone's* new kitchen!!! :o)

  2. You're right! Love the seasonal brews that come with fall. I especially enjoyed the Shipyard Pumpkin beer/ale/something-or-other Chris brought home a few weeks ago. I ended up finishing them off before he could have two...oops!