Cold Weather Cocktails

It's no secret that I love a good cocktail and something about how much of a homebody I am really draws me to cold weather cocktails. Whether you're snuggling underneath a warm blanket or hosting a festive dinner party I think these cocktails would be good additions to your repertoire. I'm going to try a few in the upcoming weeks too so I'll keep you posted on any new favorites.

Honeycrisp Bourbon Spiced Cider - can't go wrong with a classic fall cider

Irish Coffee - good ole easy peasy standby

Pear, Ginger and Sage Cocktail - if I can figure out how to obtain pear nectar (Andy can you make that happen for me?) the depth of flavor in this one sounds sooo good

Mulled Wine - perfect winter sangria

Spiced Manhattan - fall take on the traditional bourbon cocktail 

Classic Sazerac - classic with serious flavor from the whiskey, absinthe and bitters

Also a weeks work of hot toddy's here! And I'm dying to try this or this chai recipe. Don't they both sound delicious?

- Heath


  1. Ooh! We are having guests this weekend, and I've been trying to find the perfect fall cocktail. I think the mulled wine is just the ticket - mmm!