Turkey Day Tables

I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year and while it's just for a small group i'm taking it very serious. I'm already thinking about it nonstop. How to set the table, sides, cocktails etc. So the next few weeks will probably have a lot of turkey day talk as a result. I like to keep holidays pretty traditional but I also think its the perfect time to start new traditions and try new things. So I've been thinking about my table style lately and pinned a few of these photos for inspiration.
via unknown and Martha Stewart
via I Suwannee 2012 and 2013
via Eddie Ross and Uma Stewart 
via Better Homes and Gardens and Ador by Melissa
Still trying to really nail down what I want to do but I think right now I may be set on a mix of traditional and rustic. What do you guys think? What's your turkey day table style? I'm hoping MK is up for helping me acccomplish this - most of my hosting requires her help. She's an expert(IMO)!

- Heath

top image via The Kitchn


  1. I am LOVING the first traditional and classic picture. Is that a rug?! Doesn't go with the turquoise in some of my china at all, but if I were to host T'giving regularly then it may be worth investing in some special day of pieces to coordinate with my white and gold plates :) My next fave is the first picture. I see some well dressed people (read: H and MK) dining around it!

    1. Amanda, it does look like a rug, it completely threw me for a loop. It's so interesting!! The first picture is what i'm leaning towards for my inspiration. I too have very bright salad plates but i may just stick with my white and gold places dinner plates and bring in some fall colors with candles, flowers and linens. Stay tuned...

  2. I have no idea what I'm going to do for our Thanksgiving table! Trying to figure it out this weekend! Let me know if you have any good ideas for my new china - we are breaking it out for the first time!!! (Kate spade larabee road). Also, I don't have enough place settings yet of the new stuff. Think its bad if I have to mix and match with my plain white everyday?

  3. Dinah definitely mix and match. I do that all the time with glasses and linens. So exciting to use your china for the first time! I feel like you can do pretty much anything with that pattern, I can't wait to see what decide!