Happy Friday and Leftovers

Happy Friday guys! We have a weekend full of prepping for Thanksgiving, setting the table and testing stuffing recipes etc. so I'm excited to really start getting in the spirit. We're also trying this Porchetta recipe this weekend. Again we were sold on a cooking show! What are you guys up to this weekend?

Oh and I've been thinking, has anyone ever not had leftovers after Thanksgiving?  I don't really see how it's possible because we always do.  I am not complaining though because I for one love having a second plate, or going back for maybe just your favorites. Since we're hosting a small crowd this year I've been brainstorming some things we can do with what is sure to be a large amount of leftovers.

Here are a few ideas:

Potato cakes: Leftover mashed potatoes make the perfect potato cake for breakfast Friday morning. This is a favorite in our house! We do this every time we have mashed potatoes, we usually wing it but you could certainly follow something like this recipe. 

Turkey, Cranberry and Brie Sandwich: Leftover turkey piled high on toasted wheat bread with cranberry relish (or whatever you have on hand) and slightly warmed brie cheese sounds like the perfect lunch for Friday. 

Turkey Soup: My mom's been making turkey soup with our Thanksgiving leftovers as long as I can remember. It's a thick hearty soup almost a stew that is the perfect warm meal on a cold fall evening. One day we'll get her to write down her recipe but until then I'm sure any classic turkey soup/stew would be delicious!

Turkey Pot Pie: While the heartiness of a pot pie is similar to Thanksgiving it really is the perfect way to use any leftover turkey and vegetables. Pot pies are so versatile you can throw in almost anything you have or use this recipe as a guide.
What are your favorite ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers? Have a wonderful weekend!

- Heath

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