Shopping Strategies

Here it is, the fourth and final step - really think about your wardrobe as a whole to determine what you want/need, and then be patient and thoughtful in obtaining those items. Chances are you probably don’t have an unlimited budget so you can’t just buy everything. Take a step back and just like your mom taught you when you were little make sure you really do want that sweater and that you’re not buying it just because it’s everywhere(or on sale) . If you truly like it, get it,  you’ll probably get a lot of wear out of it. But if you just buy it because another cute girl has it chances are you’ll wear it once, it won’t feel right so it will just sit in your closet and take up much needed space. As a result I tend to try on a lot of clothes. If you’ve ever been shopping with me I may take 20 things in the dressing room and buy nothing. Sorry sales associate! But this helps me narrow down exactly what I want before actually making a purchase. It also helps me shop sales later because I have already tried on the items that are now in the online sale section (and therefore non returnable).

I’ve learned if I’m spending good money on something it better be something I’ll want to wear many seasons and years to come. I save on styles and trends that may not last long and on things like white t-shirts that don’t last too long anyway. I think we’ve all been guilty of thoughtless purchasing but my goal going forward is to make my purchases count and these little steps have helped me get here.

So my question for you is what are your shopping strategies? Are you an online shopper?Do you hold out until you find the perfect piece or do you grab something that fills that void in your closet even if it’s not the exact pair of shoes you’re looking for?

- Heath

image of Van Jean in Columbia, SC via Glitter Guide


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