Shopping Strategies - In-store or Online?

The third step is analyzing whether online or in-store shopping leads to more success for your closet. There is no right or wrong method, each person should find out what works best for them. Like I mentioned above, online shopping usually just doesn’t work for me. I wish that it did. Unless I’m on a girls trip or find lots of spare time (which is never) I generally don’t enjoy shopping so the fact that in person shopping works best for me really isn’t ideal. But making time to try things on is really the best option for me. I’m a fit person. If your wardrobe is simple it has to fit. Also clothes look very different on different people. Not only does each person style a pair of pants differently but they hit on the ankle in a different spot on each person. Stores are getting better about their descriptions and measurements online but it’s still just too tricky at this point for me.
This step to me is the easiest. You may already even know the answer. Just take a minute to think about what your favorite pieces are and how you obtained them. Even if you ordered it online after trying it on in store, the in-store part is key so that really doesn’t count as an online purchase.

- Heath

image via Toronto Shopoholic


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