Scenes from New Years

Happy New Years everyone and Happy Friday!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  Heath and I have been slowly transiting back into real life this week.  So happy it's a short week.  As soon as we got back in town from Christmas holiday, Heath and Andy loaded up the car again and headed to a mountain weekend with their college friends to celebrate New Years.  Their New Years Eve looked pretty perfect, beef tenderloin, stuffing, kale salad, Cards Against Humanity and lots and lots of wine.  JD and I stayed closer to home and snuck away for a few hours for a dinner date and then a fun New Years Eve party with friends.  New Years day included Raspberry and Walnut pancakes (so yummy) and of course pork, black eyed peas and collards per tradition.  New Year day meal is seriously one of my top favorite meals of the year.  So so good! 

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  Our big plans include giving the house a good scrub and just generally trying to get my life back in gear before I return to work on Monday! Should be fun! :)

~Mary Keller


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