A Valentine's Brunch Date

We're heading out of town this weekend so last weekend Andy and I decided to have a proper brunch date for Valentine's. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals so a brunch date is perfect for me. We made one of our standby recipes, an easy frittata. This is the perfect recipe to throw together with pretty much anything you have on hand. We used mushrooms, onions, ham and cheese but anything will work. Mix your ingredients with slightly beaten eggs and milk - pour into your pan, we love a cast iron skillet. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes. We topped ours with parsley and scallions because we had them on hand and because I LOVE scallions with eggs.

It's one of our favorites and it would be perfect for a group too. This 10" cast iron skillet used 8 eggs and would feed about 8 people easily. Because it bakes for 45 minutes, you have plenty of time to mingle with guests too. 

We also tried this Campari and Blood Orange cocktail. I loved it, but Andy wasn't a fan. The Campari makes it bitter but I thought it was a good change from the traditional bloody mary's and mimosas.

Happy brunching!

- Heath


  1. Y'all are the cutest. Seriously. If you move to my neighborhood, I promise to help you finish that 10-serving frittata :)