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Happy Monday everyone!  We had such a good, relaxing weekend!  Friday night J.D., Heath, Andy and I all joined a group of friends for Thai at our favorite local spot.  Saturday, after J.D.'s Saturday AM workout he brought home Poppy's Bagels for breakfast.  (Seriously, the BEST real bagels in Charlotte for locals!)  Later that day, we all went for a walk that ended at 131 Main's firepit and had snacks and drinks before walking home.  The fire and Heath entertained Virginia for a while which was nice.  Sunday, we grabbed a quick brunch, and I actually went for a run!  It was only my second run since Virginia was born so it was super short, but still I was feeling pretty proud of myself. :)  I'm slooowly starting to implement those resolutions!  Hope everyone has a good week!

~Mary Keller


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