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Happy Monday everyone!  Our weekend was pretty uneventful, which was actually kind of nice.  Heath and I started the weekend off early on Thursday with friends at Book Club.  It's always the best seeing girl friends.  Friday night was a bit more low key.  Heath and Andy had an at home Steak date night, went hiking at Crowder mountain on Saturday, and then had tacos and margaritas to finish off the weekend on Sunday.  J.D. and I really didn't do much.  A lot of house cleaning, and long walks (which turned into runs because Virginia has decided she doesn't like the stroller unless you're running) and sitting on the front porch relaxing.  Our big weekend events included feeding Virginia rice cereal for the first time and Virginia having her first little photoshoot (which of course meant I got to pick out sweet little outfits for her!).  We did take out Thai Saturday night, and Sunday enjoyed Gwyneth's White Bean and Kale soup.  So good and so healthy!  Highly recommend!
Hope everyone has a good week! 
~Mary Keller


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