Nursery Glider DIY

A few weeks ago we shared pictures of Virginia's nursery and I mentioned that we kind of DIYed her glider.  This project was really J.D.'s.  I didn't help much other than picking out the fabric, but I'm really happy we went this direction.  When we first started looking around for Virginia's nursery, I felt like baby furniture was so expensive.  Most nursery items are not pieces that you'll use in your home forever so I knew I didn't want to spend too much on them.  (That's why we went with an inexpensive crib, and that's surely why I didn't want to spend tons on a glider!)

One weekend J.D. and I were shopping around an antique salvage yard looking for old doors to use in our kitchen renovation.  We luckily found a perfect door but while we were there their was also an auction taking place.  There was a beat up old chair sitting there that no one wanted.  I asked the owners about it and they basically said if you want it, it's free!  I scooped it up and figured I'd use it somewhere.  J.D. started googling around and found the perfect base that you can add to any chair to make it a rocker/glider.  We (J.D.) sawed off the legs of our free chair, screwed on the new glider base that we ordered, and then we took it to be completely reupholstered in new fabric.  Perfect little solution for Virginia's room, and it didn't cost as much or look as basic as what you typically find in all of the standard baby stores.

A few tips to make this project more affordable, you HAVE to use inexpensive fabric, and you HAVE to get a deal on the chair you plan to use.  If you look on Craigslist, try to pay close to nothing for the chair you want to use.  You can always find old chairs on Craigslist.  I've never paid more than $75 for any in my house.  Also, look for remnant fabrics.  If you splurge on a fabric, this project will get pricey quickly.  Last thing, if you live in a (kinda) big city, drive the chair to a smaller town to be reupholstered.  We were quoted $500 to reupholster the chair in Charlotte.  My parents live in Columbia, SC and I was quoted $200 there.  So the chair and I took a little day trip to Columbia to save $300.  So, cheap chair, plus cheap fabric, plus small town upholsterer and you hopefully will have yourself a really cute little glider for much less than a Pottery Barn option!

Last thing, I  know this post is getting long!  One night J.D. was giving Virginia her bedtime bottle and I heard the loudest crash of my life.  Serious screaming and a serious thud.  I looked at the monitor quickly and I could only see J.D.'s leg's flying in the air.  I went running upstairs.  J.D. and Virginia were on the floor.  It wasn't pretty.  When our upholsterer reupholstered the chair, he didn't screw the base back on with proper screws.  Make triple sure your base is secure before you go rocking away in it.  Luckily sweet Virginia wasn't hurt, but it shook all three of us up!  Just be sure it's really secure before you give it a go! :)

~Mary Keller


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! Would you mind sharing your favorite fabric stores in and around Charlotte?

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  3. would love to know who you used in Columbia...I have been looking for someone affordable.

    1. Hi Teresa, email me at and I can give you his info. He's not the best in the world, but affordable and good enough for what I need!
      Mary Keller