Photo Diary | Anniversary Weekend in Charleston

So last weekend J.D. and I snuck away to Charleston for a little anniversary celebration.  6 years!  I can't believe it.  I told J.D. that it seems like just yesterday that we got married.  He disagreed. :) He's finished law school, we've moved from Atlanta to Charlotte, he's started a job, I've started a business, we've bought a house and we've of course added our little Virginia in those 6 years.  We've grown up.  Crazy!  Below is a recap and a few pics from our trip if you're interested...

The French Huguenot Church where we were married.  It wasn't pink when we got married, but it has recently undergone a massive renovation and apparently pale pink was the original color.  I'll always love this church.

Friday night right when we arrived, J.D. and I headed to The Ordinary for a cocktail and appetizers.  We had dinner plans, but we've heard so much about The Ordinary that we really wanted to check it out.  It's beautiful, and the seafood was super fresh, but I won't lie.  We weren't blown away.  And, considering that our "appetizers" cost more than what we spent on both lunch and dinner the following day, next time we'll probably pass. :)  We walked over and got a cocktail (moscow mule for me!) at Rarebit and loved it.  Great atmosphere.  So many fun people and reasonable happy hour.  Late that night we took a pedicab to Xiao Bao Biscuit (or XBB as we learned the locals call it!) and had a really good dinner.  I'd been looking forward to this dinner all week and J.D. loved it.  We both would highly recommend.  A little out of the way, but worth it and reasonably well priced. 

Saturday morning we had a slooow morning.  We took the shortest run ever through South of Broad to the water.  It was so beautiful and felt so good out.  After about a half mile I convinced J.D. that it would be better for us to just stop for coffee instead of running and he obliged.   We had the best casual breakfast (yogurt parfaits & cappuccinos) at the Bull Street Gourmet & Market and loved it.  We spent the rest of the day browsing and walking around.  We had a perfect lunch at Cru Café, the BEST Shrimp BLT sandwich - highly recommend!  After lunch we road bikes around South of Broad and it was perfect, probably my favorite part of the trip.  That evening we were stuffed and decided to just get a small charcuterie plate at Bin 152 for dinner.  We loved this spot.  Perfect for a snacky dinner.  We walked back to our hotel and stopped at Husk Bar for one last little drink before calling it a night.  I actually ended up ordering a burger while we were at Husk Bar.  (Typical me, J.D. tells me he's full from our small snack dinner, and I'm still hungry and get a burger. :)  Guys, it seems lame to recommend a burger from such a nice restaurant.  It was UNREAL.  Seriously, the next time you're in Charleston, go there and order it pronto.  Even if you've technically already had dinner like me.

Charming scenes biking around South of Broad.  I would die to figure out a way to live in this neighborhood.  It has to be my favorite place in the world...

Bin 152 on King Street, perfect place for a late day/early dinner glass of wine.  Loved this quiet spot.  It's hard to tell from the photos, but the lighting here is really dark.  I think it keeps most tourists away.  Everyone there seemed to know what they were doing.

Sunday morning we grabbed a quick breakfast and headed back to our Virginia.  I loved being away but I missed her SO much.  Parents out there, do you ever get over leaving your children?  I swear, I don't want to go anywhere for like a year now.  Missed that sweet girl too much! 


  1. p.s. we saw Bill Murray at Husk Bar.

  2. Crucial components J.D.-- The trip sounds wonderful!

  3. Did he toast to world peace?! :) Sounds like a wonderful trip. You've got me wishing I had one on the calendar!

    Let me know when y'all move SOB...we'll rent the carriage house!

  4. Looks like a delightful trip!