New twists on a southern classic - deviled eggs

Deviled Eggs are a pretty standard Southern staple that I absolutely love. While I'll never tire of a good classic egg it's fun to update the classics every now and then too. Each of these caught my eye for different reasons, some for looks, the color from those pickled beets is just too pretty, and some for flavor, I think the salt in country ham is the perfect compliment to the creamy filling! Wouldn't the jalapeno and siracha eggs be a fun appetizer at a cocktail party, just a little kick to keep you on your toes. I think the caesar salad eggs would be perfect served for brunch and the kimchi - well I'm just curious how those flavors mix.
For any Charlotte folks, King's Kitchen has a good classic deviled egg and Fran's Filling Station used to have updated unique takes on deviled eggs every day but I dont see them on the menu anymore.

What do you think, stick to the classic or switch it up a bit? What's your favorite?
- Heath

clockwise from top right - siracha, country ham, kimchi, caesar, japaleno and pickled beet


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