Happy Friday

A few things we're loving this week...

TJIF!  SO excited this weekend is here.  This week has been a quick week, but I'm ready for the weekend none the less.  A few things we're excited about right now:

Did anyone snag a piece of art at Furbish Studio's recent pop up shop is featuring artist Teil Duncan?  Holy cow those pop up shops sell out quickly!  I wasn't in the market for anything, but you know we are big fans of Teil and are thrilled for all of the publicity she's getting lately! 

Really enjoyed A Cup of Jo's post on banning the word "bossy".  Love this!  Lean In and the Girl Scouts have teamed up to lead the effort.  Why are assertive girls always labeled bossy?  (I may or may not be a little "bossy" myself! :)  (Plus, a homemade thin mint girl scout cookie recipe here!)

I attended an event called Seed 20 in Charlotte this week, and afterwards J.D. and I took advantage of Heath and Andy babysitting and had a little date night.  I'll share more on Seed 20 later, but let's just say this event left me thinking.  I was blow away hearing about so many impressive charities here in Charlotte.  Really can't wait to share more on this...

Lastly, J.D. and I are headed to Charleston this evening.  We're SO excited.  It's a much needed little escape for our anniversary.  We've got dinner plans tonight at Xiao Bao Biscuit.  I've been once with girl friends for a bachelorette party and I'm pretty much obsessed.  Virginia will be in good hands with my mom and grandmother while we're gone.  (How cute is it that my sweet little Virginia's GREAT grandmother Virginia will babysit her!!) 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Looking forward to catching up next week.  Fingers crossed for good Charleston weather.
~Mary Keller

Top image via Teil Duncan; Girl Scout Cookies via Bless This Mess; Xiao Bao Biscuit images via Stephanie Burt Charleston Recommendations


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