Photo Diary | Savannah

As I mentioned last Friday, we spent the weekend in Savannah celebrating the wedding of one of my friends from college. We had so much fun, it's such an easy weekend trip for any Charlotte folks! I snapped some pictures below if you'd like to see…

Friday we got into town late, so we opted for a casual dinner on the market at Vinnie Van GoGo's. It was my kind of Friday night! Our hotel was basically across the street so we walked through the market, grabbed a beer and got in line. The pizza was well worth the wait and the atmosphere was exactly what we were hoping for - casual, fun and even a little entertaining. It was great!

Saturday morning was basically the perfect morning, not exaggerating! We slept in and made our way to Back in the Day Bakery. This place, you guys, it is SO good. I read about it multiple places so I had high expectations, it exceeded every single one of them. Look at the bread in that image above, so good. After we finished breakfast we actually purchased some ciabatta and took it home with us to make the perfect recreation of a favorite simple Italian sandwich at home on Sunday. Nerds I know, but it was amazing!

Andy's a savory breakfast eater so he went for the homemade egg biscuit. He didn't stop for me to take a good picture and I was lucky to get this one because it went fast. I knew the biscuits had to be good because biscuits and jam were a menu item on their own(that's a good sign) but I didn't know just how good. You guys, best biscuit I've ever had, hands down. I'm a southerner too, so I've had my fair share! The biscuit alone was amazing but the egg was baked with who knows what and was the perfect accompaniment for a breakfast sandwich. Seriously amazing!

I on the other hand, am all sweets all the time and therefore went for the cinnamon bun(Saturdays only). Seriously, look at all that icing on top and paired with a cappuccino, sigh. Making the perfect Saturday morning, slowly eating breakfast with two of my favorites while people watching in the window seats at a quaint little bakery.

Next we headed back towards our hotel and wandered around town different stopping at squares and smaller residential areas along the way. 

We ventured into the SCAD store, which I would highly recommend. I love this store, if you haven't been it's somewhat similar to a museum shop in that their selection is all over the place. Anything from handmade jewelry and handbags to art, glassware and furniture. I wanted everything!

We didn't get to visit this bookstore but it was adorable and small and I love that they still have a small privately owned book store. 

My two favorite traveling buddies, love them! 

We eventually made our way to Broughton street for a little bit of shopping. It's kind of like King street for those of you familiar with Charleston. It has small boutiques and chains, a little bit of everything. 

We spent some time in Prospector Co., lots of danish kitchen and barware as well as jewelry, candles and other housewares. It was a pretty store, easy on the eyes. 

We also made our way to The Paris Market, which I could have spent so much more time in. It has a little bit it of everything, even an entire bottom floor devoted to furniture that we didn't make it to. I'd love to have an afternoon coffee and sweet treat in the tiny cafe area as well. 

We had lunch at The Public, a recommendation from a cute shop worker we met, and it was wonderful. The weather was nice enough for us to sit outside on the street and enjoy a bloody mary too! Highly recommend the cuban if you're headed there. We also had the mussels and the risotto which were delicious, but I think the consensus was the cuban wins. 

 A few pretty sites on our way home, the Independent Presbyterian church steeple against the pretty blue skies. 

A quick change and we were off to the wedding. A downtown church ceremony followed by a reception at the Georgia Railroad museum, which was pretty cool. So many interesting areas on the grounds to explore including a tiny little replica train of Savannah. 

Last we sent the newlyweds off with a piggyback ride and sparkler send off. Congratulations Niki and Michael! 

We really has a wonderful time in Savannah. To me it's a great city with just enough to do that you don't feel overwhelmed or rushed to explore lots of sites. For the most part I think walking through the old squares and wandering the small residential streets is how you really get a good feel for the city. It was beautiful and I'm glad we got to explore this lovely little southern city a little more.

- Heath