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Happy Monday everyone!  Did you all have a good weekend?  We had another weekend of perfect weather around here.  (Don't y'all think we've really lucked out with weekend weather lately?  I know that the weather has been so up and down and crazy, but it seems like things are always so beautiful on the weekend.)  We had a super laid back weekend.  It was the first that I didn't really feel rushed in a while.  Saturday J.D. and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary!  He surprised me Saturday morning with flowers and took me and Virginia out for raspberry and walnut pancakes!  Saturday evening we stayed put and tested a roast chicken for a little anniversary dinner.  Sunday we tried out a few things for breakfast that I picked up from Luna's Living Kitchen (love this place!) and then spent a little time at the park.

Heath's weekend was even more low key.  She played nurse to Andy all weekend.  He had shoulder surgery last week and it was quite the operation.  Fingers are crossed he's feeling better soon.

Hope everyone has a good week!  We've got fun plans Tuesday night and Heath's on babysitting duty. :) (Thanks Aunt Heath!!)

~Mary Keller


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