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Hi guys, we had a really good weekend, and hope you all did too!  It absolutely flew by.  Friday night Heath and Andy started the weekend at Food Truck Friday in SouthEnd.  They said that the number of food trucks and the crowd has doubled since the last time they went, and they meant that in a good way.  They loved it and highly recommend.  Saturday, J.D. and I went to the Queens Cup with a few of his clients.  We had so much fun.  Perfect weather, and an absolutely beautiful racetrack.  After the race, we met up with Heath and Andy for the second art pick up for the Arts and Science Council's Art CSA.  It was a really nice event with food, music, drinks and of course art.  My mom was sweet enough to come up for the night to watch Virginia while we were going to the race and art CSA.  Heath and Andy came back over for Saturday night dinner and recreated the most delicious Italian meal from their honeymoon in Italy.  Oh my gosh it was so good.  Bistecca alla Fiorentina steak, white beans and caprese salad.  So good, and they made it look easy.  My mom and I just sat and enjoyed wine while the rest of them worked away.  It was a really nice evening.  Lots of fun this weekend but I'm looking forward to the week ahead.  Hope everyone has a good one!

~Mary Keller

p.s. Virginia learned to sit on her own this weekend.  Sweet girl is really growing up!


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