Ready for Spring

I could not be more ready for Spring!  I thought we were there but now the weather is annoyingly chilly again.  This winter was good to us.  We did lots of things on our list - we skied, mastered lasagna, watched a million episodes of Downton Abbey, celebrated our anniversary in Charleston, took Virginia to meet her cousins, and actually did make plans for our backyard.  Not everything got done (never got around to homemade smores!), but that's okay. 

I don't have much on my list for Spring.  I want to enjoy Virginia's Christening this weekend with family, have a little spring party sometime, and then I'm going to Chicago for work (and a little play) in a few weeks.  Other than that, I just want to spend time outside with J.D. and Virginia, drink wine and eat yummy food.  Heath has some fun things in mind.  Enjoying a new restaurant, going to the new Knights Stadium for a game, and making a point to picnic in the park.  We have 4 parks within a mile of our houses and never seem to take full advantage.

What's everyone else up to this Spring?  Anything fun?  We'd love to hear!
~Mary Keller


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