Gray Malin's California Home

Did everyone see Gray Malin's home featured on One King's Lane?  I'm sure many of you have seen his work floating around the internet and blog world.  He's really blown up and I'm loving seeing how his brand keeps evolving.  He just shared some really beautiful before and after pictures of the living room and backyard renovation of his amazing California bungalow.  He teamed up with One King's Lane to offer all of the products seen in his design.  You can see more and shop the products here...

Also, just because it's fun to think about, if you were to pick any of his photographs, which would you pick?  I think I'd go with either Bondi Swimmers or maybe Miami Pink Umbrellas.  If budget's didn't exist, I would love a huge photograph like this in Virginia's room.

And, just because it's really fun to think about, if you got to visit any of these locations, which would you pick?  I'm going with Positano!  It's hard to believe places this beautiful exist.  Every one of these photographs are like a dream.

~Mary Keller

Images by Nicole LaMotte/One Kings Lane via Gray Malin


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