Around Here

Happy  Monday guys! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Ours was quiet in the best way. On Friday, we grilled scallops and romaine for a caesar salad and I forgot to snap a pic but Andy grilled some oysters for an experimental appetizer and they were delicious! I attended a friends baby shower on Saturday and it was so fun to celebrate the new mom to be. On Sunday I talked Andy into going to Va da Vie Gelato. So good you guys! We may or may not have sampled every flavor at their trial opening a little while back so I can vouch for them all but the lemon ricotta is a real stand out, otherwise pistachio is always a favorite.

MK, JD and Virginia ventured to Atlanta this weekend to see a college friend's new baby girl. On Friday they went to the new Skyview Atlanta, look so fun! On Saturday they celebrated the sweet baby while Virginia played with some little friends. Virginia also tried to feed herself for the first time this weekend, you can see how that turned out in the photo above. She's a mess and loves to eat!

Hope everyone has a good week!

- Heath

PS Andy and I are starting a juice cleanse today so wish us luck!


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