Happy Friday

Happy Friday guys! Hope everyone had a good week. I didn't do much reading but did manage to find a few fun things if you're interested...
Weekly menu sites are popping up everywhere right now. I think the concept is genius! I love to cook but hate brainstorming quick weeknight meals and this takes the thinking part away. You sign up, purchase a plan and the recipes are sent to you weekly. I found What to Cook Tonight through Lauren and it stuck out because the cost is reasonable, at only $1 per week everyone can have fresh ideas for their weekly menus.

Not to sounds like a broken record but since I'm in the process of updating my wardrobe I decided to do one more closet clean out this weekend and I'm going to donate to the Fashion Project. Such a great concept, donate your used clothes in good condition, they'll send you a $40 gift card to Nordstrom and the funds raised by reselling items are donated to tons of different great organizations.

I just booked a few long weekends this Summer, one in Chicago with my mom and MK, a late mother's day trip and another with some girl friends in Boston. I'm so excited, I've never been to Boston and I LOVE Chicago, one of my favorites! With most of the boring flights etc. booked I'm really enjoy reading this and this post for more fun ideas. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions too!

And if you're trying to get your photos in order like I am, Kolo is currently offering to fill your photo albums for free! A service they always offer which is amazing, but with their current promotion it's free. How nice would it be to just choose your photos then they print and load them for you?

We have no major plans for this weekend but I'm excited to try a new restaurant in town tonight and do some trip planning too. We have a few other big trips on the horizon that I'm hoping to research this weekend. May sound lame, but I love to plan trips almost as much as I love to travel so I'm excited. Anybody have any big plans for the weekend?

- Heath

Images clockwise What to Cook Tonight; Fashion Project; Everygirl; Live Creating Yourself


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