My Five


Do you guys remember a few months back when Heath said she wanted to start implementing the French Five in her closet?  Basically the idea is that you purchase only 5 items each season (only two seasons - warm & cool) and you keep up with your basics throughout the year.  I'm wanting to do some version of this French Five myself.  I think it's the perfect way to limit your shopping, but encourages you to pick a few fresh things each season.  I think it's so funny looking at our picks.  My picks are a little more girly, pastel and safe, and Heath's are black and camel (her favorites) and of course lots of handbags (her other favorite).

Heath's Picks:
a silk pleated maxi dress, super cute sandals, a cute clutch or handbag, and a fresh embroidered top from Mango.

MK's Picks:
a fresh pair of sneakers, an everyday denim shirt, a flirty floral skirt, a tunic and neutral gladiator sandals

So, what do you guy think about it?  What would your picks by?  I'm really curious.  Do you think five new items for spring/summer and five new items for fall/winter is a lot?  Do you buy way more than five per season?  I'd really love to hear because I'm curious what the norm is.  I don't think I shop a lot but when you really sit down to pick out your five for the season, it's really tough.  I realized it's hard to just pick 5, especially when you count shoes and handbags.  And jewelry, well that's a whole other thing.  Do you have any other tips or rules of thumb you consider for shopping?

~Mary Keller


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