Photo Diary | Memorial Day at Litchfield

Hey guys!  We accidentally disappeared for a little while unintentionally!  We went out of town for Memorial Day and it's taken a few days to get back to our norm.  Did you all have a good holiday?  We have a few pictures from Memorial Day if you're interested.  Really, it's just lots of cute pictures of Virginia's first trip to the beach!!

We kicked off our Memorial Day weekend a little early and went to a Knights Game with friends.  It was our first game and we loved it.  We actually rode our bikes with a few neighbors and had the best time.  Friday we headed down to Litchfield beach and just chilled out that night.  Saturday my grandparents and aunt and uncle joined us.  They of course spoiled Virginia with attention and she was in heaven.  Over the long weekend had a really yummy low country boil, per tradition, and not pictured are the best ever hot dogs the guys did on the charcoal grill and Ina's blue cheese slaw.  Overall, just a nice visit that of course flew by too quickly.  My parents were sweet and tried to let me and J.D. relax as much as possible, bathing and feeding Virginia for us.  Virginia giggled away as my dad fed her fresh strawberries and I headed down to meet J.D. on the beach for an evening cocktail.  I was happy and so was she!  Perfect weekend.  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well!

~Mary Keller


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