Guys as I’m writing this I’m eating food for the first time since Sunday evening. Holy cow! I can’t believe we actually went through with this. I’m sure you’ve gathered from all our talks about food that Andy and I really LOVE food. We both were hesitant before doing this but really needed to reset our bodies to a better place to kick start some healthy habits. It’s so easy to get out of a routine and we definitely did so we were hoping this would put us in position to get back to a healthy lifestyle.

So here are the details if you’re interested…
After your first two green juices in the morning, the order of the remaining juices is up to you. I just liked to keep my taste buds on their little toes so I spread my green juices out throughout the day. And Pro Fuel is so delicious and hearty I saved it for last as my dinner and desesrt all in one.  We bought all our juices from Viva Raw, a local juice place in 7th street station, but you could easily do this with Suja or other brands commonly sold at Whole Foods and Healthy Home Market. So a quick recap on my three days.
Day One – pretty rough. Not going to lie I wanted my coffee BAD and I never thought I’d want a hand full of the raw nuts (I keep at my desk) so bad! We stayed busy that evening and I think that helped keep our mind off of the hunger.
Day Two – I woke up feeling great. As the day went on I honestly would have loved a snack and was a little more lethargic than usual but overall felt great.
Day Three – feeling good. I think I determined by day three that my body felt great but my head didn't. I was a little out of it. Not terribly, I still accomplished plenty at work, but I definitely wasn't on my A game.
 Overall - I struggled to focus but needed things to do to distract me. I could not have done this on a weekend or days that were not packed with activities.
So now that I am detoxed, I’m focusing on my morning runs and eating cleaner. I think I’ve mentioned before we generally try to eat pretty healthy Sunday/Monday to Friday. Basically allowing two days (the weekend) for a few splurges. Not like every Saturday we eat burgers and fries but we‘re allowed to be more generous with our selections and indulge a little more. I’ve always felt like this kept us on track and I think it does but I want to focus in the future on keeping the M-F foods even cleaner. So I’ve compiled a few breakfast, lunches (packable) and dinner recipes that I have on my list to try.  
Yogurt, Fruit and Granola Parfait
Banana and Almond Butter Toast (a current favorite!)

I'd love to hear any of your go to healthy recipes! Oh and has anyone else ever done a cleanse?
- Heath


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