Stock the Spring Bar


We're big fans of a stocked bar at Southland Avenue!  It does require a little upfront cost to purchase everything you need to set up a bar, but it saves you trips to the store and more importantly it leads to many impromptu parties on evenings that would have otherwise been just another boring night.  Wine is great (especially our favorite $5 bottle from Trader Joes) but sometimes mixing up a drink is what an evening really needs. 
We've gathered our favorite additions for warm weather evenings.  First, lots of Rose.  I'm a red wine fan, but sometimes on summer evenings it's nice to switch things up and serve a Rose.  (I saved on wine and went to Trader Joes in order to splurge on a few of the liquors.) 
Next you'll want a Sweet Tea Vodka on hand.  I've always been a Firefly fan (made in South Carolina!) but I won't lie, I judge a product by it's cover and the label of this Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka won me over.  Mix with lemonade or water and you have the perfect warm weather cocktail.
Have you ever had a Pimm's Cup?  It's really a super easy cocktail (mix Pimm's with 7up or sprite, and add a cucumber garnish) and it's a super refreshing spring/summer drink.  Men like this too.  It isn't too sweet.
Lillet can be a little pricey, but it's perfect to have a bottle on hand when you have just a few friends over.  It will make an evening feel special.  You can stretch it by adding tonic water or mixing up any of these combinations.  It feels perfect for a girls night in.
Lastly, who doesn't love a margarita this time a year.  It's always a good idea to have tequila and triple sec on hand to make margaritas anytime.
Add tons of fresh limes, lemons and citrus, a pack of fun bright colored napkins and you're all set for a impromptu partay.  What are your favorite warm weather drinks?  Anything our bar is missing?
~Mary Keller


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