Steven Alan's Jewelry

Overall my style definitely is pretty classic.  I have a jewelry "uniform" that I wear just about everyday, and really don't change it up much most days.  (Gold hoops from my parents, two bracelets from my grandparents, and my wedding and engagement rings.  Those are my go-tos.)  They make up my uniform for a reason (I love them!) but every now and then I think it's good to switch it up.  Heath's better about switching up jewelry, and it can completely change a look.  When we were in Chicago, we stopped in Steven Alan and I fell in love with so many pieces of their jewelry.  Their pieces are pricier than just typical costume jewelry, but I felt like everything I saw was timeless, pieces that you'd keep forever.  Really classic designs that just felt up to date, and maybe a little edgy in a good way.

I didn't get any jewelry, but I probably would have walked out of there with that V earring if they had it in stock!  A handful of their earrings are sold separately so you can mix and match them.  How perfect would a V be paired with that gold knot?  And these are way over my budget, but I LOVE them!!  What do you think? 

~Mary Keller

All images via Steven Alan


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