Tink + Tiger


We try to keep this blog from being all about material things (we really do!) but whenever we come across a really amazing, new (to us) brand, we want to share it with you!  Have you guys heard of this line of beautiful pajamas, Tink + Tiger, based out of Charleston?  I'm in love!  From their website, "Tink + Tiger makes timeless luxurious pajamas with fine silk and cotton shirting.  Inspired by coastal colors and faraway lands, borrowing details from menswear and reinterpreting them in an undeniably feminine way."  These are totally more than what I would typically spend on pajamas, but they'd be perfect for a birthday or Christmas wish list!

What's your favorite?  I think this romper is the absolutely cutest, but I think this Silk Lily Tank and Silk Tiger Short would be more practical and would feel amazing to lounge in all evening.  I feel like J.D. only sees me in pajamas and workout clothes, so maybe when I really think about how quickly I put on pajamas when I get home from work, they may be worth the splurge!

~Mary Keller

All images via Tink + Tiger


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