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Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a nice long 4th of July weekend.  This weekend was really so nice.  We stayed put this year for the 4th and it really was one of my favorite 4ths that I can ever remember.  My parents and Heath and Andy came Friday night for a cookout and we celebrated the 4th of July and Heath and my mom's birthdays! 

We decided on a super traditional, all Americana dinner.  We stuck with the classics and spent the day cooking Andy's uncle's barbeque ribs, fresh corn on the cob, Ina Garten's maple baked beans (they cooked for 8 hours!) and our favorite blue cheese slaw.  For dessert, we were planning on a cobbler but Heath's sweet friends and Andy all sent Heath so many cupcakes for her birthday, we decided to just help her finish her delicious Sunflour bakery cupcakes. 

A really nice holiday.  Virginia had so much fun, and it was the best just having family over all day relaxing and waiting on yummy food.  And the best part was the festivities were all on Friday night so it was the best feeling knowing we still had two days left of the weekend to do nothing.  (Nothing being chores, laundry, taking Virginia on walks, few returns, getting some dinners cooked ahead of time, you know fun stuff. :)

Hope everyone had a great 4th with family and friends, too!

~Mary Keller


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