Recipe Box | Summer Caprese with Peaches

So this summer caprese with peaches salad is seriously so easy that it's kind of silly for me to even post a "recipe" for it.  It's more like you just take a few really simple ingredients and mix them together and then you have seriously the most perfect, delicious summer salad.  A few weeks ago J.D., and I were cleaning out the fridge and saw a wedge of fresh mozzarella that needed to be used so we sliced a few tomatoes for dinner and remembered how amazingly delicious caprese salads can be in the summer when tomatoes are fresh.  We've pretty much had caprese salads weekly since.

Then, last week I was having a work lunch with one of my designer friends and she mentioned that a friend of hers served a caprese salad topped with fresh peaches.  Genius!  That weekend I made our caprese staple and added diced peached and LOVED the result.  J.D. spent the rest of the dinner nodding and nodding and he cleaned his plate and when we were done he said, "yes, it's a keeper, thought it would be strange, but it's so good."

So basically, the "recipe" is super easy.  We sliced two really fresh tomatoes and layered the tomatoes with slices of fresh mozzarella, as you would with any caprese.  Trader Joes usually has inexpensive fresh mozzarella.  Dice a fresh peach or two small peaches and sprinkle over the tomatoes and mozzarella.  Top with fresh basil, a drizzle of olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic glaze or vinegar.  If you don't have a thick balsamic glaze, you can use regular balsamic vinegar, but be careful not to use too much!  I feel like I often over estimated the amount of balsamic needed and it over powers my salads.  Easy peasy, no cook dinner.  We just had the salad alongside slice cantaloupe and it was pretty much the perfect summer meal.  I think guests would enjoy it, especially for a lunch, and it can be made in advance too.

Any other caprese variations you love?  We're obsessed!
~Mary Keller

p.s.  I know it's random that I snuck that little picture of Virginia in there, but I couldn't help it!  That little sweetie was with me in the kitchen taking her evening bath as I was slicing away and I couldn't help but take a few pictures of my kitchen help.  (Don't worry, J.D. was keeping his eye on her!)


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