Cocktail Testing | Jack Rudy Tonic

This past weekend we imposed on MK and JD (again!) on Saturday night.  We brought our standard wine and goodies but this time we also brought some Jack Rudy tonic for everyone to try too!  I know we're super late to the game on this but I was hesitant at first... I'm anti tonic in general, so it wasn't even appealing to me at first.  Once I read a little more about it and discovered it's crafted in small batches in Charleston, SC with a "delicate mix of botanicals and sweetened with real cane sugar" complimenting the otherwise perfect quinine concentrate, I thought it just may be worth a try.

You guys you could convert a non tonic drinker (or a non gin drinker!) with this stuff.  I doubt I'll fully convert to a gin and tonic being my standard (gin and soda has to be the most underrated cocktail!) but it's fun to spice up the norm every now and then and this has just the right amount of oomph to give your drink a little something extra. 

We followed this recipe from the bottle: 

2 oz your favorite gin
.75 oz Jack Rudy tonic
4 to 5oz soda water

Fill glass with ice, gin, tonic, top with soda water.

We garnished ours with a fresh lime and would recommend a little heavier pour but our cocktail glass may have been a little larger.   

My favorite part of all is this tonic is a concentrate not actual tonic water.  So not only does it have a longer shelf life once opened but you're able to make it as strong or as weak as you'd like depending on the cocktail.  It's perfect for a hostess gift, or to just pull out for a few friends to enjoy too.  I think I'm going to like having this stuff on hand and I think I'm going to try the Elder Sage next, yumm!

- Heath 

PS Another fun White Whale mixer too!

PPS Please excuse the Tennessee shot glass, the Costas are receiving a jigger in their stocking this year :)


  1. This looks amazing! Where did you get the Jack Rudy?

  2. Hey Betsey! They sell this tonic lots of different places. Crate & Barrel has it in the stores and online I think, but locally it's also just down the street from us at Paper Skyscraper. As soon as we finally get our porch cushions in, we'll have to have you and Tim for a gin and tonic on the porch!!

  3. How about that tray? Is that something that can be obtained? xo-

  4. Hey Meredith! Yes, the trey is West Elm and I love it. I have three that I use for work and they hold fabrics when I visit design firms. When they're not working for me, they hold evening cocktails and corral all of Virginia's bath stuff in her bedroom. :) good price point and lots of colors too.

  5. Good to know - thanks Mary Keller! And looking forward to that G&T!