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My cousin Halley is in culinary school in Charleston we're always picking her brain on all things food when we see her.  She shared this recipe for Fromage Fort with us and we thought we'd share.  It's seriously the easiest thing ever, but it sounds and tastes very fancy and gourmet.  And I promise, you already have everything you need to make it in your fridge.

Formage Fort is basically a spread made up with tons of different leftover cheeses.  (Sounds delicious right?!)  Basically you just chop any soft cheeses and shred/grate hard cheeses you may have sitting in your fridge and pulse them in the food processor with a little white wine.  Give it a taste and adjust seasonings as necessary.  We used the cheese combo below (because it's what we had on hand) but mix it up and use cheese whatever cheeses you love - you can follow this for proportions but it's really trial and error.
Fromage Fort:
 basic white cheddar
Appalachian (leftover from Dean and Deluca)
basic blue cheese
aged gouda (leftover from Dean and Deluca)
 a soft but pungent brie (leftover from Dean and Deluca)
cream cheese
1/2 cup white wine

toss all chopped/shredded cheese in the food processor, pulse with white wine until you reach a spreadable consistency

This spread is perfect with a baguette or crackers as a little appetizer or cocktail snack.  We enjoyed ours with a little store bought pesto and it was delish!

~Mary Keller


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