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Happy Friday, and welcome August.  I seriously can't wrap my head around how quickly this year is moving.  I know I'm cliché, but my Virginia is about to be 10 months old somehow!  I've spent some time this week and last thinking about the year, thinking about how quickly it's moving,, and I thought back to my plans and goals for the year.  (Seeing as that the year is over half way over, it might finally be time to check in on my resolutions and make sure I'm kinda getting close to accomplishing at least some of them!)  So, below is my little check in update, primarily for myself, but I'll share if you're interested...

I'm not doing well taking too many more pictures.  I am a little better about taking pictures but this reminds me to pull out my camera right now | I haven't signed up for a floral class and this may get bumped from the list, we'll see! | I started a needlepoint Christmas ornament for Virginia, and this is one item that I made happen this week when I looked at my resolutions and looked at the calendar | hosting 4 parties this year - humm...this hasn't happened unless you count the Thai takeout I ordered a few friends for bookclub last minute one night | I am running the Thunder Road half marathon this year and Heath and I are training now!! | and I'm doing well in general making health a priority, exercising 3-4 times per week, eating super clean breakfasts and lunches and moderate dinners | J.D. and I are sticking with our monthly finance "dates" (more on this later) and it's a very good thing because.... | J.D. and I have booked a vacation together (with Heath & Andy too!) and we're going to ISTANBUL for Labor Day (more on this later too!) | and finally, most importantly, I'm really pleased with myself this year because I am (easily) enjoying every single second I have with Virginia, and I've somehow managed overall to not sweat the small stuff, and instead just love on her and enjoy every minute I get.

So far, 2014 is looking good, even if it's passing more quickly than I'd prefer!  Anything on your resolutions list that you've checked off, or something you're going to make a point to check off in the second half of the year??  I'd love to hear.

~Mary Keller

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