Mirrored Sunglasses


While we were in Chicago, I mentioned that I fell in love with a pair of sunglasses.  We were wandering around shopping in Wicker Park and stopped in Steven Alan.  They were having a sale and beer tasting to kick off their new eyewear collection.  To be honest, I didn't even take a look at their eyewear collection at first because I assumed everything would be just crazy expensive.  Heath and mom picked out a purse, and as they were checking out I started trying on sunglasses.  I seriously loved every single pair.  They were all just classic and unusual enough, but very flattering - which is tricky because I have a crooked nose!  Mom, Heath and all of the employees weighed in giving their opinion, but in the end this mirrored pair won.  Probably the least classic of all but they told me that they looked trendy but the color was chic.  sold! :) and now I'm seeing mirrored sunglasses everywhere and I kind of think it's a fun little trend.  Virginia really loves them!

If you're a fan, here are a million options from Ray-Ban and Nordstrom.  This pair from JCrew is super fun, and these seem really sophisticated.  If you're thinking this is a trend not worth investing in (you're probably right!) these or these would be fun picks under $10 to wear this summer. 

~Mary Keller

p.s.  Steven Alan is also were we spied these adorable earrings.) 

p.s.s. white sunglasses round up here.  I don't have any white sunglasses, but I love them and think they are always perfect for summer.


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