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avacado BLT simple summer lunch | our house Sunday morning | our house Sunday evening - no screens!! | peach caprese salads and pasta | unintentional twins - lots of denim action | me staring at my favorite girl

Happy Monday guys!  It was a simple, nice weekend.  Not much to report around here, but it did turn out to be a good one.  Saturday, all of us (me, Heath, and J.D.) were fighting colds but Sunday things started looking better.  J.D., on a whim, tackled our front porch screens.  We woke up with screens and went to bed with a brand new (much improved!) front porch.  The picture above was taken at night so it's hard to tell, but it makes our house so much brighter and more welcoming.  Sunday afternoon we met Heath and Andy for a patio drink for just a little while to enjoy the weekend's beautiful weather.  A nice, relaxing weekend, and hope you had a good one too.  Have a good week guys!

~Mary Keller


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