11 month old Virginia

My sweet Virginia is 11 months old today, just inching closer and closer to 1 year old and I can hardly believe it.  I know it's cliché to say that it passes so quickly, but man it really does.  I will say though, this is a favorite favorite stage of mine with Virginia.  She's got so much personality and she's so much fun.  A few weeks ago I mentioned that J.D., Virginia and I headed to Charleston to have pictures taken with the lovely Olivia Rae James.  I've shared quite a few below if you're interested.  So happy to have a record of this little time in our lives.

All photos by Olivia Rae James, and I would highly recommend her if you're in the Charleston area.  She's even sweeter (and beautiful) in person and was wonderful with Virginia, even in the crazy Charleston heat!!
Also, we're home from Istanbul and can't wait to share pictures soon.  We're getting back to the "real world" and soaking up lots of kisses from Virginia!
~Mary Keller


  1. These are wonderful!

  2. So sweet!!! I love her little expression in the third picture! Priceless!