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fire and takeout pizza | Tennessee tailgate - go Vols | the most delicious pulled pork | sweet Virginia headed to a friend's birthday party | leftover pork plus fried eggs, mmmm | our tiniest Vol fan | coconut chocolate chip scones fresh from Heath's oven | Sunday raspberry walnut pancakes
Happy Monday guys!  How in the world is it Monday already?  We had a really great weekend, but could really use an extra day!  Friday night we had our first ever fire in the new fireplace, ordered takeout pizza, and Andy got a pork butt started on the grill to cook all night long to be ready just in time for the Tennessee game Saturday.  Saturday we enjoyed the fruits of Andy's labor (such delicious pulled pork!!) and watched football all day.  Tennessee gave Georgia a good fight (and a touchdown) but sadly we lost by 3.  Tough game but we really enjoyed it.  We took a little football break for Virginia to go to a birthday party for a sweet friend up the street.  Virginia didn't know what to think of all of the big kids (2 year olds!) but she enjoyed herself.  Sunday we did chores, chores, and more chores, but did manage to squeeze in raspberry walnut pancakes. :)  Hope your weekend was a good one too!
~Mary Keller


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