Photo Diary | Munich

On our way home from Istanbul, Andy and I took a quick, like 23 hours quick, stop in Munich, Germany.  To be honest with you, we thought we'd stop there and get our fix and never need to give Munich a true visit.  Not because we didn't think we'd enjoy it but there are just too many places to see.  We were wrong!  It was wonderful and I've included some pictures below if you're interested.

Old Town Hall | Marienplatz
After a short and simple train into the city we dropped our bags at our hotel and set off on foot to see what we could of the city.


We settled on the legendary Hofbrauhaus for our first stop and had the biggest beer I've ever had in my life.  Not pictured - the crazy big(like one foot squared) and delicious pretzel we split too!

After getting our tourist fix at Hofbrauhaus we set out to find a smaller more local spot for dinner.  We found the perfect little homey spot and enjoyed a delicious meal full of the staples; grilled sausages, sauerkraut, and German potato salad!

We met the nicest local guy(hi Peter!) at dinner who proceeded to show us a few more spots around town.  We may or may not have been over served and therefore didn't do much the next morning before heading out but we had the best time!

We absolutely loved Munich and have already discussed returning to give it a proper visit. It was much more charming than I imagined.  If we do make it back, we already have a few things on our list from Peter.   Did you know there is a spot you can surf in the Munich English Garden? Who knew!  Lots to do in this city, hoping we can make it back one day.

- Heath

p.s. stay tuned for Istanbul pics - almost finished sorting through all of  'em :)

Please excuse the poor quality of the last few iPhone shots


  1. Y'all are cuties! Looks like a delightful 23 hours! Can't wait to go there one day.