Real Life Southern Porches | Olivia Brock

If you guys haven't seen Olivia Brock of Lacquered Life's perfect front porch floating around other places like, you know, Southern Living, then you're in for a real treat.  Yes, her porch is Southern Living worthy, and if she hadn't been so darn sweet when we reached out to her about sharing her porch, we'd probably be jealous of her!  I didn't know real life people got to live in those gorgeous old Charleston homes with perfect long porches, but this lucky lady does.  Check out all of the details that make her porch so perfect, plus her recipe for a perfect porch Southside Cocktail below!

Thanks Olivia for sharing your perfect porch with us, and can't wait to try this cocktail.  Olivia says her husband's a pro a with this drink, and he recommends you strain the lemon and lime juice mixture to remove any pulp and ideally let the mix sit overnight.  It sounds delish!  Now that temps are cooling off in Charleston, we bet you'll be logging lots of evenings out on your porch this fall!  Next time we're in Charleston riding bikes in your beautiful neighborhood playing tourist, we'll stop by for a homemade Southside!

~Mary Keller

p.s. Chassity Evan's Real Life Southern Porch here.


  1. I made the Southside and drank it on my porch yesterday evening - delicious! Thanks for the recipe!