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tacos and margs at Bakersfield | little cutie | roasting marshmallows by the fire during the TN game | BBQ festival | V's first bike ride | whole hog smoking at the BBQ festival | Sunday cornhole during the Panthers game | Virginia in her new helmet 

Happy Monday guys! Man the weekends go by way too fast. It was a really good one though so I can't complain.  Andy and I walked downtown through the BBQ festival on Friday night before deciding on dinner at our favorite spot instead. On Saturday we knocked out lots of errands before watching Tennessee lose in a pretty bad game Saturday night. We met friends to watch the panthers game on Sunday and again were SO disappointed in our team. What's going on with all our teams!?!

MK and family walked to Bakersfield for dinner on Friday and made s'mores on Saturday for the UT game. Virginia got a bicycle seat and helmet for her birthday and went for a spin this weekend for the first time. She loved it! She came by our house on Sunday and was definitely the cutest little biker I've ever seen!

Hope you guys had a good weekend!

- Heath


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