thoughts on French Five + MK's Picks

Happy Friday guys!  So excited we made it to the weekend!  I've got my picks for the my fall French Five below, and hope you've enjoyed seeing the picks of everyone this week.  It's been fun making a little fall list of a few things to add to the closet.  My picks plus sources below....

No1 - Buffalo Check Shirt- I've had my eye out for cute but casual things for weekends where ideally I still look a little put together but I'm super comfortable too, and I'm really loving all of the fresh plaid shirts out there right now.  They kinda remind me of the super preppy days of my childhood.  (Did anyone else grow up on super super preppy Limited Too plaids??!)

No2 - Hexagon Bangle - I think it's time I branch out of my predictable jewelry routine a bit, and maybe add something in this category.  I'm loving this new bracelet by Christina Jervey.  Seems delicate and feminine to wear on it's own, but would also look really good stacked with just about anything.  Plus, I love that the shape is less predictable. 

No3 - Pleat Midi Skirt - I'm really loving this leather midi skirt for fall and winter.  One, Heath says midi skirts are super in.  Two, black is a no brainer for me because it will go with everything, plus I feel like I can wear this to work, date nights with J.D. (even though they're super rare!), plus maybe even church??  Is leather appropriate for church?!

No4 - Raw Leather Bucket Bag - I've been obsessed with this bucket bag from the minute I laid eyes on it.  I don't love huge purses so this size is perfect for me.  Plus I just about never get purses (I've probably bought 1 in the last 3 years) so I'm thinking it may be time.  The color seems like it would go with everything too, not basic black like my usual.

No5 - Black Jeans - I'm in desperate need of a fresh pair of black jeans that actually fit.  (Half marathon training isn't exactly getting me back into my pre Virginia jeans!  and that's okay!)   I know that technically black jeans fall in the category of "staples" to always keep fresh, and my 5 picks are supposed to be fun closet additions, but for budget reasons, these need to be included in my 5 additions for fall.

So, Heath and I both have loosely been following this whole French Five thing this year, 5 purchases for Spring and 5 purchases for Fall, and guys I have to say I think I'm really loving it.  First, I don't really loooove to shop like some people do.  I like to shop, and I love pretty clothes but it doesn't consume my thoughts.  So, I like the shopping process of picking 5 new things, keeping basics up to date, and not worrying about the rest.  You can never follow ever single trend so by only purchasing 5 new things, it forces you to just pick your favorite trends.  If you've been following the French Five, what do you think?  Are you loving it?  or is this crazy?!

Thank you again to everyone who contributed their picks this week!  Thank you Molly from A Piece of Toast, Julia Ryan, Lauren of Library by Lauren Lail, Victoria McGinley, and Sara of A Dose of Pretty!  Loved seeing what's caught your attention this fall!  Hope everyone has a good weekend!  We do not have plans for the first weekend in I don't know how long, and that sounds pretty perfect right now.  Only thing on my radar is making homemade Chicken Pot Pie on Sunday evening.  What's everyone else doing?

~Mary Keller


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