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When J.D. and I first started thinking of ways to fix up our backyard, we knew we would need to address our fence.  We had a chain length fence around the entire backyard, and it wasn't in good shape, if chain length can ever be in "good shape."  We had a local fence company remove the chain length and add a simple wooden fence and two wooden gates, but we did leave a portion of the chain length across the back because it was primarily covered in ivy, and I liked the green growth.  We debated about what color to paint the fence - should we leave it natural or paint it white.  I love a classic white fence.  Then I started thinking, maybe we should paint it black.  (I pretty much think black paint is the solution to almost everything!) 

I started looking around for images and inspiration because I knew I'd have some convincing to do with J.D.  We finally landed on Charleston Green - a very very dark shade of green that just about looks black.  (Basically black paint with a little yellow and green mixed in.)  I was a little nervous about how it would look.  I wondered if it would look heavy and dark, but guys, the green is looking so good back there and as soon as I can take pictures (as soon as I'm allowed to walk on the grass) I will share pics.  The darkness of the fence makes the fence disappear and fade away a little more than a traditional white.  It makes the yard feel bigger surprisingly, and we're loving it.  A neighbor even said she's going to try to convince her husband to paint their fence Charleston Green. 

Last thing - I'm not sure how true the legend is that Charleston residents came up with Charleston Green because they couldn't stand the thought of using government-issued black while rebuilding the city after the civil war.  It may be true, but I've also heard that the city received an incorrect shipment of yellow paint along with their black paint, and they were so broke after the war that they decided to mix in the yellow to make the black paint stretch a little further.  Who knows!!?

~Mary Keller

p.s. Lacquered Life did a great post a little while back on blue ceilings, my other favorite Charleston detail.

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