Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys!  J.D.'s parents are flying in this afternoon and we're getting Virginia's birthday weekend started!  I'm so excited and ready for the weekend.  We have lots of family in town, and we aren't planning anything too big or over the top, but I can't wait to celebrate Virginia's first birthday.  Our plans include burgers on the grill and strawberry cake while we celebrate Virginia (and hopefully the Vols beating Florida too!).

A few findings before we get the celebrations started...

ONE:  Erin is writing on a new topic 31 Days of Breaking Bread.  She's talking about "imperfect hospitality" and I love this idea so much.  We're so overdue for having friends over since we've had so much work done around the house, and I love not worrying if things are too perfect.  Our friends really don't care.

TWO:  Speaking of entertaining, how beautiful is this Moroccan dinner by Kai'li Millner?  This looks more like it falls in the category of perfect instead of "imperfect" hospitality though!

THREE:  I'm loving these handmade ceramic pieces by Jessilla Rogers that I discovered from The Design Files.  Perfect pieces to add to desk, kitchen, bedside table, etc.

FOUR:  I had my eye on a JCrew sweater with a zipper detail the other day (and it was on major sale) but still didn't pull the trigger!  I'm loving Victoria's round up of Zip Detailed Sweaters.  They seem pretty perfect for fall.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and we'll see you on Monday! 

~Mary Keller

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