FIVE (doable) Fall Parties

With Halloween coming up, I feel like we're entering the time of year when the social calendar starts filling up and people love to host and attend parties.  There are so many fun fall party ideas, but a few of my favorite "doable" parties are below...

No1 - SOUP EXCHANGE - I saw this idea years ago in a magazine (can't remember, maybe my mom's Better Homes and Gardens?) but the idea is basically you invite your girl friends over and ask them each to bring a soup that they've made in advance and packaged into Ziploc containers.  So you arrive at the party with say 8 containers of your favorite soup, and you leave with 8 different soup options from everyone else after you've exchanged with everyone.  Perfect to stock your freezer for meals to enjoy all holiday season when you're super busy.  At the party, keep things simple and have soup on the stove, wine, a simple salad and crusty bread.

No2 - PUMPKIN CARVING & PIE PARTY - I've never seen this party (I think I came up with it!) but I love this idea especially because it can be kid friendly.  Ask everyone to bring a pumpkin and a pie and all you have to do is have a big surface ready for everyone to make a mess carving their pumpkin and a table ready to host a spread of different pies.  Serve seasonal fall beers, hot apple cider, pie and whip cream/ice cream to serve alongside everyone's pie contributions.  Easy, kid friendly, and requires just about no cooking.

No3 - FRIENDSGIVING - I've seen this idea floating around lots of blogs these days, but I like to think that my high school friends and I came up with this idea.  Seriously!  Way before blogs were around (13+ years ago) my high school friends and I gathered around my parents dining room table and had our first "friendsgiving" feast.  Basically a thanksgiving dress rehearsal with friends.  Thanksgiving is such a perfect meal so it's nice to have it more than once this holiday season.  You cook turkey + dessert and ask your friends to bring a side dish + wine.  You get to test everyone's favorite family recipes, plus you don't get stuck with all of the work.  (I'm working on talking J.D. into this one this year!  Problem is we only have one free weekend and it's his bday.)

No4 - TAILGATE BAGEL BRUNCH - I love the idea of hosting a big bagel brunch for a football tailgate party.  If the Panthers or your favorite college team have an early game, pick up bagels with lots of toppings, set up a bloody mary bar and you're set.  This idea seems kid friendly too.  Kids seem much happier and less fussy during daytime functions, plus if you pick up bagels and toppings there is little cooking involved.  Bagel brunch ideas here and here.

No5 - GRILLED CHEESE PARTY - Heath, Andy, J.D. and I had a little grilled cheese party last fall and I went into labor with Virginia that night!!  This party is super easy if you have a Panini press or grill pan.  (I don't have a panini press so we actually baked multiple at a time in the oven.)  Set up a big buffet of toppings, (ideas here and here) put a pot of tomato soup on the stove and let guests help themselves.  Perfect for a football game when things are casual and people want to grab a fall beer and assemble their sandwich whenever they're hungry.  Pretty much no cooking for the host (other than tomato soup in advance) and inexpensive ingredients.

So is anyone hosting any parties this fall?  We'd love to here any ideas you have too!

~Mary Keller

images: carrot soup | apple rhubarb pie | rooftop dinner party | bagel brunch | grilled cheese spread


  1. Love these ideas! I'm all for a soup exchange! :o)

    1. Thanks Meredith!! Yes, doesn't a soup exchange sound fun? Maybe we'll have to plan that.... :)