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book club chicken pot pies | fireplace s'mores | Saturday at the Biergarten | Virginia relaxing in her swing | Saturday evening margaritas | brats for the Panther's game | Virginia getting ready for a bike ride (before her helmet and tears) | Sunday morning cappuccino

Happy Monday guys!  Did you all have a good weekend?  We had a really good one.  One of the last weekends of the year without plans so we took advantage.  We managed a nice combo of being productive and relaxing.  We kicked the weekend off early hosting book club on Thursday night, and it was a good time.  Friday we stayed home and recuperated from Thursday's fun.  Saturday morning J.D. and I threw a small brunch for the couple who lived in our house for 30 years before us.  We've made so many changes to the home since they've lived here and we wanted to show them everything.  It was really a lot of fun hearing their old stories about our home and neighborhood, and they were gracious in complimenting all of our changes.  Later that afternoon we biked to Heath and Andy's, and eventually made it to Bakersfield (again!) for margaritas.  Sunday Heath and Andy enjoyed a morning at Sunflour Bakery (my favorite, so jealous) and later came to grill out brats for the Panther's game.  We lost, again.  Same story there!

Charlotte folks - Heath and Andy stopped by the newish Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Biergarten on Saturday to meet some friends.  They said the food wasn't anything special, but a really great, fun atmosphere.  Cornhole, good beer, kids and dogs running around.  Sounds like a good time!

It's going to be a busy week but I'm looking forward to Halloween on Friday!  Have a good week guys!

~Mary Keller


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