Around Here

MK and her little lamb | good friends(and new parents) in Nashville | dinner at Rolf and Daughters | Halloween block party | sweetest little TN cheerleader | baby shower games on Saturday | hot cocoa from the TN game | Andy admiring our sweet friends' baby girl

Happy Monday guys!  This weekend was so so great! It was a long one for us and honestly I'm so bummed it's over.  Andy and I went to Nashville on Thursday evening to visit some close friends.  We had dinner on Thursday at Rolf and Daughters and it was perfect; great cocktails, delicious appetizers and comforting red wine and pasta for dinner, yum!  We also met some of our best friends sweet seven week old baby girl and both fell completely in love. On Friday, Virginia dressed up as the cutest lamb I've ever seen and stayed up way past her bedtime having fun with her little neighborhood friends on Halloween. Sounds like a teenager right?!

I hosted a baby shower for another close friend on Saturday.  It was the perfect intimate celebration of the sweetest mama to be.  They aren't finding out the gender so we did a few old wives tale tricks and each took a guess. I'm team boy but can't wait to find out either way! Saturday evening Tennessee pulled out a win in overtime and we honestly are all still in shock.  It was a great game and I think our win must have something to do with that tiny adorable cheerleader, love her! MK and JD froze at the game in Columbia(it snowed that morning, crazy!) but cheered our Vols to a victory so I'd say that's worth it.

It really was a wonderful weekend. Hope yours was great too!

- Heath


  1. Absolutely loved every minute with you guys!! Olivia misses her aunt Heath and uncle Andy!!

    1. Love love love seeing you guys and sweet Livi! Send our hugs and kisses to that sweet girl and send us lots of pics, I know she's growing way too fast!