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Generally speaking, we aren't really planning on doing any type of traditional gift guides around here for the holidays.  (Plenty of people already do that so well, plus we don't like searching the internet for hours!)  But, we are starting to think about Christmas lists around here, and I usually have a coffee table book or two on my list.  How do you guys feel about coffee table books?  Do you love them, or find them useless?  I do like them and I enjoy flipping through them with a glass of wine after Christmas, but then I usually put them on a bookshelf and don't do much with them ever again.  Kind of a shame.  I don't usually put them on my coffee table because it feels cluttered to me for some reason - looks great in pictures, but cluttered in reality.  Do you guys agree?

Then, I read this from Jordan at Oh Happy Day - she said they got rid of their TV, piled their coffee table with fresh books, and they're loving it.  What do you guys think?  I'm not giving up TV anytime soon, but I'm wondering if I should really pull out my books and start using them.

A few coffee table book picks for 2014 Christmas Lists...

Elements of Style by Erin Gates - from everything I've read, this book is really relatable, easy to read, and it's about much more than just interiors.  It's more about designing a beautiful life.

Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro - Anna has the most beautiful taste and somehow makes classic antiques look fresh.  If I had a million dollars I would have her perfectly decorate a beach house.

The New York Times 36 Hours - this isn't new for 2014, but it still makes the list.  It's probably TOP of the list, and would make the perfect gift for anyone.  Heath and Andy have this (and they actually keep it on their coffee table!) and it's so fun to flip through and imagine weekend trips across the country.

Decorating the Way I See It by Markham Roberts - I love design books, especially designers who create timeless, classic spaces still seem current and youthful.

Places to Go, People To See by Kate Spade - perfect for the person who loves travel, photography and cheeky humor.

~Mary Keller

Coffee Table Images | top coffee table via Oh Happy Day | coffee table via Camille Styles | Coffee table via Lonny


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