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Do you guys collect anything?  For some reason, in my mind I think of collections as kind of an old fashioned thing, like everyone used to collect something random, but people don't really do that anymore.  Am I wrong?  I was thinking the other day, I think I started a collection without even realizing it.  I LOVE tumblers - you know tumbler drinking glasses.  You can use them for juice, water, wine or my favorite, an interesting cocktail glass.  I have a handful in my "collection."  We have the standard clear with J.D.'s monogram that we received as a wedding gift, my aunt has gifted me and Heath with beautiful tortieshell tumblers for years, my mom and dad brought us a beautiful set of colorful handblow glass tumbers from a vacation in Maine, and recently I bought a set of quirky, crooked tumbers at Tulu in Turkey.  They aren't necessarily expensive, but they're all different and they're all fun, and I switch them up for my Friday night cocktails!  I can't get enough!

Do you collect anything random, intentially or not? 

~Mary Keller

p.s. J.D. and I also have a dorky collection of café mugs, but those are less glamorous and less fun to talk about.  We basically can only find them at fattening southern restaurants. :)

image via glitter guide


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