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fall in the neighborhood | fall flowers to shower our friend | cupcakes and pumpkins for the baby shower | classic steak and onion rings | hot dog lunch | Virginia cruising through the leaves | bike riding the Greenway | tomato cheese and grilled pimento cheese dinner
Happy Monday guys!  This weekend was much needed and a good one!  Last week was a little crazy around here.  J.D. and I were both scheduled to be out of town for work (doesn't happen often) and my sweet girl got sick.  Man it was tough on me being away from her, but I know my mom spoiled her.  Before coming home from being out of town, I flew through Atlanta to have a quick little reunion with my best friends from college where we threw our friend a sweet baby shower.  My college roommate is the best with flowers, plus my other friend is seriously the most creative person with d├ęcor so it all turned out so well.
After the shower I headed back to Charlotte and spent the rest of the weekend with J.D. and Virginia.  We rode bikes, went to the park, squeezed in a 10 mile training run (race next weekend!) and paid JJ's Red Hot's a visit for a hot dog lunch.  (Can I mention that when I came home from being gone, my mom had done laundry and J.D. has finished all errands, menu planned for the week, and grocery shopped??!!  amazing!)
Heath and Andy had a yummy steak dinner with Andy's dad, and they joined us for the 10 mile training run and visit to the park.  Good weekend all together.  Totally too short, but they all are!
Have a good week guys!
~Mary Keller


  1. Menu planning and a grocery store run?! Girl, you dun hit the jackpot with that one! :)